Clue Explanations

Clue 1

The IGH hunt is once again here

A unique theme this time, but do not fear

The treasure is hidden for all to seek

But do your research, and don’t be meek


Our theme is an important moment in time

A small part is found, in each of our rhymes

A horrible day back in Sixty-Three

A great President died, as many did see


As this event brings you close to the treasure

We need to take time and make sure we remember

This great President and all that he was

And what Santayana once said that history does

The first stanza confirms the treasure is hidden and

That there is a unique theme with this years clues.

The second stanza refers to that unique theme, the

Kennedy assassination. The third stanza pays tribute

To President Kennedy and Santayana’s quote that

“History repeats itself”, meaning the treasure has

Been at Oakwood Park before.

Clue 2

It was Merriam Smith of UPI

Who uttered two words we all would surmise

Whether in Dealey Plaza or our IGH Park

It’s a Grassy Knoll with the trees and the bark

Refers to the rolling hills on the Southeast corner

Of Oakwood Park.

Clue 3

Two key investigations led the way

It’s the second of which is important today

It was a Select Committee, they said more than one

The year they finished gets you close to the fun

The House Select Committee on Assassinations

Completed their work in 1978 and determined it was

Probably a conspiracy. 78th Street borders the park.

Clue 4

James Files the man, spending life in the can

Tells a story quite exceptional

Persuasive enough, the guy is tough

But his story is full of deception


Superintendent in charge, his power large

Over Oswald and the rest of the crew

Truly was his name, and school books his game

Putting it together is all up to you


The first stanza talks of “con” and “con”vict  James Files,

Who claims he fired at the President from the Grassy

Knoll. The second stanza refers to “Roy” Truly, who

Was superintendent of the Texas School Book

Depository at the time of the assassination

And was Lee Harvey Oswald’s boss. Put them

Together and you have “Conroy” Way, which

Borders Oakwood Park.

Clue 5

A couple named Newman, a family of four

Went to the Plaza and saw all the horror

A son named Billy, nice as can be

But it’s their youngest son you’ll need to see

Refers to Bill and Gayle Newman and their two

Sons Billy and Clayton, who were the closest

Civilians to President Kennedy at the time of

The fatal shot. Clayton Ave. borders Oakwood

Park to the west.

Clue 6

A former Army Ranger, part of the D-Day invasion

Was there with his son to see the occasion

They were across the street from those in Clue Five

A father’s worst nightmare, it came alive

Refers to Charles Brehm, who was actually shot

In the Normandy invasion on D-Day. He was in Dealey

Plaza across the street from the Newman family

With his son Joe. Charles Way intersects the park.

Clue  7

As we speak of fathers and sons

Clues five and six are the keys to the fun

Make sure you’re near where worlds collide

And stay in bounds so our treasure provides


Once you’re there and close to the action

Oswald’s window might bring satisfaction

Think directional and ninety degrees

Then find the treasure and start to flee

The first stanza refers to the intersection of

Charles way and Clayton Ave., which is

VERY near the Treasure location. The second

Stanza refers to the window which Oswald

Fired the shots, which was in the southeast

Corner. The treasure is  hidden off the

Southeast corner of the hockey rink.

Clue 8

You’re lost and still don’t know where it is?

Like the grassy knoll gunman, it gives you fits

Go back to Oakwood, like twenty fourteen

Clayton and Conroy it’s in between


Go to the rink but stay outside

It’s the southeast corner where it resides

It’s wrapped up tight in plastic and grass

And a terrific picture that’s made to last

Gives the exact location of the treasure

At Oakwood Park.

Congratulations To Stephen and Skyler Saftner, and Matt Koskie who found the 2017 Inver Grove Heights Days Medallion!

902 North Concord Street South St.Paul MN 55075